If you’re a small business, such as a design agency or software developer, it’s hard to make a decision between different project management tools.

Luckily, there’s plenty of project tracking tools designed for smaller teams.

Check out a full comparison of the Best Online Project Management tools.

Here’s my picks.

The shortlist — top 5 picks


When starting out as a small business, it’s always a good idea to minimise your costs.

This means, only buying things that are critical to your customer experience.

Branded packaging, is one of those important things, and it doesn’t have to be hard.

If you’re selling goods online, it’s important to have lasting impressions. The first thing your customers will see is the box. So make it look good.

Do I need custom packaging?

Now that we’re seeing more deliveries than ever, it’s more important to have your parcels stand out.

Take the below. Out of all the packaging, there’s only two parcels below that…

Apple recently implemented the HEIC (High Efficiency Image Coding) when taking photos on iPhone and iPad.

However this format is still so new that many online services don’t yet accept uploads in this format.

How to

Learn how to setup an Automator Workflow to convert HEIC to JPG quickly on MacOS.

1. Open Automator from the MacOS Applications or LaunchPad.

Both can be translated as:

  • A lot
  • Many
  • Much


  • usually refers to something is “enough”.
  • usually for countable things.


  • refers to something is complete or full.
  • there’s no more availability…

Last year I bought two Dyson Pure Link Fans.

Shop for Dyson Pure Link fans.

I chose the ‘Link’ Dyson fans because these specifically had the Wifi connection, which is a novelty, but convenient.

It was a little bit of a hack to setup automations and Siri Shortcuts to work with Apple HomeKit, but there’s a way to get it working.

Some useful ways I’ve configured my Dyson Pure Link fan:

  • When waking up, turn on on MAX fan when I wake up (usually 6.30am), to clean the office air
  • Slow down to Setting 1 fan at 8.30am every day…

When you buy a new Smart Home device, make sure it’s compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Be careful, because Siri Shortcuts is not the same as Apple HomeKit.

What’s the difference?

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit works for the home.

If you’re out and about, it uses your Apple TV or iPad as a home base, so everything continues to work.

LIFX Bulbs work perfectly with Apple HomeKit.

Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts on the other hand, are device-specific.

Last year when working from home, I wanted to invest in a good back-light for my Webcam.

I reviewed two options — either buy a decent LIFX Apple HomeKit Backlight, or a cheap Cygnett Selfie Ring.

I bought both, so I could review which is best.

The LIFX Z-TV Backlight WINS every time.

Instead of getting a selfie ring, it’s a more elegant solution to invest in backlighting for your computer monitor.

AND it’s easier on your eyes too.

AND you can set it to a schedule with Apple HomeKit.

LIFX Z TV Backlight

After one week of using the LIFX Z-TV strips, I…

A guide to help you setup WordPress on Amazon Lightsail.

1. Create a WordPress instance

First, choose Create Instance in Amazon Lightsail.

Then, choosing Linux/Unix and WordPress.

This week, Apple has updated the Find My app with a new feature — to track everyday items.

The items you’ll be able to track include Bikes, Keys, Wallets, Bags, and more.

My updated Find My app now includes ‘Items’ tab

The Find My network accessory program enables users to keep track of their belongings in the new Items tab within the Find My app.

The Find My network accessory program opens up the vast and global Find My network to third-party device manufacturers to build products utilizing the service, so their customers can use the Find My app to locate and keep track of the important items in…

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