It’s no surprise that many people are shopping online more than ever before.

Even now that most of Australia has eliminated the immediate threat of coronavirus and returning to some sense of normal, we’ve already committed our online shopping habits.

The problem

During the lockdown periods in Melbourne, I had committed to several delivery subscription services. Often because it was cheaper, and I wanted to support some good small businesses.

I’m a considered buyer, so I take a long time to commit to something like that.

At the same time, many smaller courier companies had setup and expanded.

A lot of these…

As a computer power user, I love to do a lot of things — coding, photoshop, design, publishing, documents, excel, data analysis, and the list goes on.

I find that my MacOS desktop starts to get cluttered, and it stresses me.

I have a huge 43" Phillips 4K screen, I want every pixel to look beautiful.

The best hack I could share for MacOS is how to hide your desktop icons.

Watch this tutorial to see how easy it is.

Hide the desktop icons

1. Open MacOS Terminal click on the search icon and type “terminal”

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Search is located up the top right, near the time.

For about three years now, I’ve been using an external monitor with my Macbook Pro.

I have a Phillips 43" 4K display. It was top quality a few years ago and now there’s better newer models, but I’m reluctant to upgrade, because it was expensive and I want to get the most value out of it.

The upgrade to Big Sur

After nine months working from home, I upgraded to MacOS Big Sur.

But something was off, it seems that Apple has reduced the options for screen resolution. And it was a problem, because on such a big monitor, everything was big.

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My monitor is huge, so should my screen resolution.

The default options

Out of the…

After a couple of decades using keyboards on Microsoft Windows, I’ve become very accustomed to using the Home & End shortcuts for all sorts of things.

This week, after nine months of working from home, I upgraded to an Apple Magic Keyboard, mainly because I noticed very poor ergonomics using the MacBook Pro all day (and sometimes all night).

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The Home and End keys weren’t working as expected with modifier (Shift / Control) keys.

The problem

When I started using the Magic Keyboard, my fingers instantly got back into the habit of trying to use these Windows commands:

  • Home to go to beginning of the line (failed)
  • End to go to the end of the line (failed)

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My new Blue Yeti (Blackout) USB Microphone

Which USB Microphone should I get for streaming? Blue Yeti vs AirPods Pro vs EarPods vs MacBook Pro

Recently I wanted to upgrade my microphone setup, because I found that audio recordings on my AirPods Pro were good, but not great.

I also wanted to upgrade my Remote Working setup, so I was a bit more presentable and could work more comfortably from home.

I absolutely love the AirPods Pro.

Best personal audio device ever.

I now love my Blue Yeti USB Microphone.

For gaming, but also for business.

AirPods Pro

Best purchase I have ever made.

I use these more than any other device, in more flexible settings (home, gym, outdoors, shopping, work, etc) and pairs very nicely with…

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As a Japanese beginner, it can be difficult to grasp the difference between verbs, especially when two are used commonly used to mean 'to do'.

  • Both YARU (やる) and SURU (する) mean “to do something”.
  • YARU (やる) and SURU (する) are often interchangeable.
  • But there’s some key differences when we use them.

SURU (する)

  1. Can be used to make nouns into verbs.
    ダンスする — to dance
    勉強します — to study
    洗濯します — to do laundry
  2. Can be used with adjectives.
    きれいにします — to make clean
  3. To decide, especially when ordering food.
    寿司にします — I’ll have the sushi

When in doubt, use する.

YARU (やる)

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Japanese characters are composed of strokes and each character is intended to be written in a certain order.

It is very important to learn the correct stroke order as this will help you intuitively know how to write new characters and it has a big effect on how readable it ends up looking.

Get Japanese Hiragana and Katakana for Beginners on the App Store.

Traditionally when Japanese characters were written with calligraphy brushes, this was even more important as the ‘tail’ of the brush glides across the paper and creates a unique shape of the character.

Japanese Hiragana — Stroke…

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Often small businesses will order lots of stock so they can deliver quickly to customers, but these business often struggle later on trying to sell things customers don’t want to buy, or offering discounts to eliminate unwanted stock.

Many small businesses struggle because they order too much stock, before knowing whether customers will actually want to buy those items.

What is Just In Time inventory management?

Just In Time (JIT) is an ordering system where materials, components or retail products are delivered immediately before they are required in order to minimise storage costs and prevent a surplus of stock that customers simply won’t need.

Essentially, don’t buy the stock until the customer orders it.

However what many small businesses don’t know is that many suppliers maybe able to help you coordinate last minute (“Just-In-Time”) ordering or even better, some wholesalers can arrange Direct-To-Customer on your…

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